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About Us

Get rid of your junk with ease

Someone’s Trash, Some Other’s Treasure!

Same Day Junk Removal is a reputable junk removal company based in Canada. Our commitment to providing reliable and timely services has earned us the trust of our customers. We take pride in our responsible approach to junk removal and our dedication to keeping the environment green. Our mission is to promote sustainability, and we are actively involved in various social initiatives, including partnering with charities and donating recycled items. We are passionate about what we do and strive to make a positive impact in our community.

What we do?

If you are moving or renovating your house or office, we can help you. We are specialized in taking unwanted items from your place and recycle or dispose of it. Our junk removal service helps you get rid of all kinds of trash and clear your space.


yard waste, office waste, general house waste etc.


bicycles, toys, wooden goods, exercise equipment etc.


clothes, mattress, covers, ropes etc.


air conditioners, calculators, wires, old television set, musical instruments, refrigerators etc.


tables, chairs, boards, tools, window frame, boxes, tubes, bath tubs, miscellaneous

Demolition and construction materials

asbestos, paint, oil, bricks, concrete debris, etc.

How do we dispose the junk items?

Safeway Junk Removalis devoted to being eco-friendly and helping the community. We make sure durable items like furniture, mattresses, toys and electronics are sent to be recycled rather than thrown away. We also ensure that wastes are taken directly to a compost factory for sorting and mixing – a much better option than simply disposing of them in landfills. Our approach is two-fold; we look after the environment while simultaneously benefitting those around us.